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I am Shajith
Thank you for checking this blog out.

I am currently aDevOps engineer.

I have also worked as a front-end Developer.

I love Angular and I work with MEAN stack on my side projects.

I am curious about tech and the number of things it has. I try to learn something from every domain.

This blog will contain all my blogs and sometimes the link to it, if I have deployed it somewhere. There is going to be ,three major categories.

Technical writing is something, tech thought me and I love it more these days, since I start to learn so many things which definitely over time, I would not remember.

Tech writing, introduced me to idea of writing, writing did change me. The way I write, the way I talk to people and so many other things. So I thought of getting into writing.

The three categories are Work, Personal and Islamic.

Topic suggestions are welcome. Feel free to text. Would love to hear from you.