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First things first. I am happy😊 that you are reading this blog.

You are definitely one of the reasons I write one…

I have always loved empowering people - Okay honestly that was a bit overdo.😅

I think I can say, I have liked teaching my friends since school.

I will be one of the guys, they go in the last minute, when they really want to know what is the story of the prose so that they can write summaries on that.

I was good at maths (before my board exams😪) and I loved explaining algorithms and ways of solving problems.

I got inspired to start writing blogs, especially technical articles by a stranger from twitter.

I didn’t have any faintest idea of writing anything at all ever before, even diaries/logs/journals.

But after writing a few blogs, I got invested in writing, that I started journaling and also started reading books.

Pouring my heart out and reading it, felt different. That feeling was strange but new.

I am a software engineer by profession.

This blog will have both technical articles as well as my thoughts and perpectives on several other categories which I will post in the upcoming days.

I had an idea to build my own blog for so long, and I have built few in the past but started a new one with Astro.

Always open to suggestions and discussions.

Feel free to reach out to me in twitter or any other platforms from this.

Also, feel free to reach out if you want me to write on any specific topics.

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